Get rid of dummy?

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Hi, my little girl has just turned five months and we want to try and get rid of her dummy. She has had it practically since birth but i have heard that it can effect her teeth if she has a dummy while they are developing.

Unfortunately she seems to have become dependant on it to get herself off to sleep and just generally calm her down when she is haveing a strop.


Does anybody have any advise and tips to try and get her off the dummy?


2 Answers

I had the same problem and it can be tough to get the dummy off them. I found this worked, i let him have it at night time when he was going to bed, then in the morning i made him put it under his pillow for the day. He seemed to be content knowing that it would be there when he got back in bed.

you could try snipping a bit off the end of the dummy. this makes it not as appealing. then snip a bit more off and then a bit more and eventually you will probably find that they dont really want it any more.

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