Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogge review

Category - buggies

The baby trend expedition lx is a three wheel buggy with pneumatic tires. It looks sturdy enough and it is stylish enough but does it have any downfalls and does is function as well as it looks? It is cheap enough, a real bargain in fact and is suitable for children that are 6 months plus.

This stroller is aimed right at the jogging market. A stroller for the joggers amongst us. The average stroller isnt really balanced right for jogging, they wobble about and they arent really stable enough to be used on a morning jog. The baby trend expedition glides along as you jog or walk and it seems to be just the right height and the large pneumatic tires make it suitable for on off road.

One strange thing is the crotch strap. Its really to thin and it hasnt actually got any padding whatsoever and the brakes are seperately controlled, why do this?? On the up side the features for the owner/jogger are awesome, cup holders and everything. The buggy is so easy to colapse and is light and easy to move around corners and up and down hills.