Best Baby Changing Bags

Babies themselves are little cuddly creatures so you could be forgiven for thinking that they don’t take up a lot of space. nappies, cream, wipes…they all take up space and all need to be carried around, preferably in their own little bag, a baby changing bag!

So what should you look for in your changing bag? Ultimately your decision will likely be based on the looks of it, and if it matches your stroller but there are actually some other features that you should also check out.

Changing bags range from £10 to a few hundred pounds so there must be different features to each one right? Well not really no. Like any product you buy different manufacturers price their products differently and an increase in price doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting anything better. Mamas and pappas, mothercare and the other big manufacturers all do their own range but you don’t have to have a designer changing bag, unbranded ones usually have all the same features.

The first thing to look for is the size. You don’t want anything to small but you also don’t want to be dragging a suitcase around with you. Some people buy the biggest bag they can find but it is often not necessary. The central compartment needs to be big enough to fit 5 or 6 nappies in, a changing mat, some cream and your baby wipes and that’s about it. Anything else can go in the pockets.

Did I mention you should have extra pockets on the outside? Pockets are where you can store everything else. Heres a few things you can shove in the pockets:

  • Bottles
  • Food
  • Snacks
  • Chocolate for mum

Obviously the final item is the most important!

Some manufacturers give away additional gimmicks as well. Bottle quilts and little extra bags seem to be the favorites. In my opinion the only free addition that you will use is the changing mat so try not to be swayed to much by freebie add-ons.

Keeping all this in mind, here are three changing bags that we could recommend:

  1. Three piece nappy changing bag set.
  2. Giraffe pattern nappy bag
  3. Yummy mummy baby change bag

Remember not to just choose your changing bag based on the looks alone. You should also check the build quality. Its often a false economy buying the cheapest of the cheap because it will just fall apart but this doesn’t mean that you cant still get value for money.