Angelcare baby monitor review

Angelcare sell two things in the UK, nappy bin systems, baby monitors and bath support systems. Their products are rebnowned for the quality of build and functions that they build into their ranges.

We have reviewed two of their top selling baby monitors below to try and give you an idea of what you get when you buy something from Angelcare.

Angelcare AC401

The 401 is one of their most popular movement and sound monitors. Not only does it look stylish, it also has an under mattress monitor and in room temperature gauge. Th AC401 also has a re-assurance ticking noise that ensures that you know the monitor is still working while baby sleeps silently.

The first thing you notice about the Angelcare 401 is the clarity of the sound. Its like listening to baby in the same room. Battery power is conserved by shutting off the sound transmission when absolutely no sound is detected. The transmitter re-activates on the slightest noise.

The system consists of two units, the baby monitor and the parent unit. The parent unit is portable and will last for a full 8 hours without a re-charge. There is an alarm that sounds when you are out of range but the baby unit will transmit up to 250m so it is unlikely you will ever hear it!

The temperature in the babies room can be viewed on the clear LCD display on the parent unit.

A fantastic baby monitor with more than enough features for any parent.


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Great build quality and value for money
  • Temperature monitor is a good feature


  • Temperature monitor isnt as accurate as it could be
  • Cant mount movement sensor on wooden slats of cot….Just get a big square flat piece of wood.

Angelcare AC1100

If you feel you need to go  one step further than listening to baby and want to watch them as well then the AC1100 is the model for you. This unit is three monitors in one piece of kit. It combines video, movement and audio sensing to give you total peace of mind.

The baby unit is similar in appearance to the model above but it has the inclusion of a full colour camera. The HD camera can be zoomed and panned from the parent unit.

As with all Angelcare units the sound quality is exceptional and the range is around 250m. The parent unit is a portable unit that has around 8hours operatin on a full charge. A great feature of the parent unit is the talk back function. This allows you to chat to your baby and calm them down if you hear them stir.

The AC1100 has the same re-assurance tick system and the same under mattress sensor as the AC401.


  • Full HD Video makes you feel like you know exactly what is happening in babies room
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Stylish looking with lots of features


  • It is expensive


Final Thoughts

Our advise is, if you can afford it then the Angelcare AC1100 is fantastic, but it is expensive. If you can live without a video link then the AC401 is a fantastic baby monitor at a quarter of the price!