Best bottle warmers, bottle warmer reviews

Bottle warmers are one of those things that look a bit of a gimick. Something that other people own and that you dont really need. Well get that idea out of your head right now. These devices are a great time saver. No need to boil the kettle and wait around for the water to go cold, a bottle warmer will heat the water around the bottle, staying warm.

So what do these convienient time savers do? Its simple, they heat up water and you place the bottle in it. The water heats the milk in the bottle. They work exactly as the boiling water in the jug trick except without the need for a kettle.

What are the advantages to a bottle warmer and are they the best way to warm a bottle?

  1. They are safer than using boiling water.
  2. They use less water than a kettle and less electricity.
  3. They are far more convienient than having to use a traditional kettle.
  4. You can get travel versions, bottle warmers for your car!
  5. Are they the best way to warm a bottle? Maybe, maybe not but they certainly make life a little easier!

Hopefully you are convinced that the best option is to go out and buy one immediately! But which one, should you choose? Well the decision is yours but to make it easier we have chosen three of the most popular, see bottle warmer reviews below:

  1. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature – Good old Tommee Tippee strikes again! This manufacturer can do no wrong and their bottle warmer is no exception. Its fantastic value and practically indestructible. The product has a built in timer and temperature setting which once you get right will just keep the bottle at just the right temperature, no need to worry about over heating. This will heat bottles or jars of baby food to just the right temperature.
  2. Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer – Are most bottle warmers the same?? Well pretty much yes but most people have certain manufacturers that they look at as a step ahead of the rest. Dr Browns is one of these manufacturers and their bottle warmer is pretty good. This warmer has a digital display that you set your temperature or time on and then you just leave it to warm the food. It is a great product so why did we put it behind the tommee tippee bottle warmer? Because its twice the price people!!
  3. Babymoov Car Bottle Warmer – Strictly speaking this isnt the best bottle warmer on the market but it is one of the best bottle warmers for the car. When you are out and about it can be difficult to find a place that will give you warm water to heat the baby food or bottle. This product gets around this by heating the bottles up via your car power outlet. The product is basically a heated blanket for your babies milk. As you would expect it takes a little longer to heat the milk up that boiling water does but it is often much more convienient that trying to find boiling water on a day out in the countryside. This is one of the best car bottle warmers.

So there you have it, a review if three of the best baby milk warmers. Now all you have to do is decide if you actually need one!