Yummy Mummy Changing Bags

There are baby changing bags and then there are Yummy mummy changing bags! These are like the Ferrari of changing bags. They are expensive but what you get is a stylish bag that looks a little bit different from everything else and you will probably have a unique product that your friends won’t have.

Here is a few pictures of these wonderful looking products, they really are pretty:




Yummy mummy changing bags are made by a company called pinklining. They are available right across the UK in a big range of colours and patterns. They are gaining in popularity because of their unique look and feel of them, they don’t look like the usual bags that you might find at mammas and pappas or perhaps from mothercare. They are something a little different.

The story goes that pinklining started when someone was hand stitching bags for friends in her basement and they were so popular that they were shipping out bags to hong kong, china, the US etc all from the basement still and the business grew and grew until they got to the global phenomenon that they are today….Not really sure how true that story is but it sounds cool and is kind of plausible.

Yummy mummy changing bags are now a global brand with outlets dotted all over the world. In the UK you can buy them from John lewis or Amazon and get Yummy mummy baby changing bags delivered right to your door.

One of the major features of  Yummy mummy changing bags is the shear amount of pockets. Pockets are great in a changing bag, they give you somewhere to carry bottles, food, creams, drinks….The list goes on and you get the idea, pockets are good and these bags have loads of them! Most come with a couple of insulated bottle pockets to keep a heated bottle warm. And on top of this they also come with a free changing mat.

Yummy mummy changing bags are great!