Little bloom nappies problem

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Has anybody been having problems with little bloom nappies? My midwife said they were good when i was pregnant so i stockpiled them and have a lot of them. The trouble is they seem to leak a lot. In fact every one that i use seems to leak. Has anybody else had similar issues with little bloom nappies?


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Yes same here, they last a couple hours then we get leaks at the top of the legs. I stopped using them now and moved onto pampers disposables. I dont like using them but i cant see another easy option really.

Had the same problem with them but i managed to stop them leaking after trying a few different settings. You probably havent got them on tight enough i bet. Try using the poppers on the shortest setting.

Try a larger sized vest that doesnt pull on the nappy, could help.

Try getting rid of the lining.

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