Cheap Nappies!

One of the major expenses with babies is nappies but the good news is that you can get them cheaper. How? If you sign up to Amazons family you will get 20% off pampers. It doesnt sound a lot but over the next few months it will save you a small fortune.

Its free for the first three months when you sign up….After that, you could just cancel your subscription.

You will also get a twenty five pound voucher for every one hundred pounds you spend so if you are considering buying a buggy or other big item it may be worth signing up first. Look:

Cheaper nappies

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Its also worth noting that as well as nappies you can get discount on hundreds of other products.

So whats the catch? The catch is that you will either have to remember to cancel your subscription after 3 months or carry it on and pay for a subscription.

So what are amazon getting out of this? Well, they get to sell a lot of nappies. They can sell hundreds of thousands of nappies a day using this special offer. They aren’t loosing out, they will be making millions of pounds out of this promotion so why wouldnt you take advantage of it?