How To Get A Baby To Sleep

Obviously parents love their baby but sometimes it just gets so frustrating when they just wont go to sleep! Well never fear, help is at hand, in the form of a handy guide below.

The first thing to realize is that your baby doesn’t see the world the way that you do. It doesn’t have a watch or a clock and it doesn’t need to get up in the morning to go to work. Your baby doesn’t know that daylight means its time to be awake and dark means its time to sleep. His developing brain hasn’t been programmed to function that way just yet. The only way to get your baby into the right pattern is to form a routine and stick to it.

How to get baby to sleep through the night

The first thing to keep in mind is that your baby needs to be ready to sleep through the night, a one week old baby is unlikely to sleep through the night no matter what you do but a two month old is a different story.

Your baby needs to be in a routine. They need the routine and they like nothing more than to be given a routine. In order to get your baby to sleep at night you need to form a routine that has that in mind and stick to it rigidly. Don’t let anything interrupt your set routine. This means feeding at the same time every day and putting baby to sleep at exactly the same time every day. Its actually amazing how fast baby will slip into the routine and once they do it will make you life so much easier. You will know when they are going to be hungry and when they need to go to bed every day.

How to get baby to sleep in crib

A big step in your babies sleeping is to get them out of the moses basket and into the crib. This is something that a lot of parents want to do but aren’t really looking forward to it. Some babies love the crib but lots of them hate it. The key to moving them into the crib is persistence. Keep at it and try not to get to frustrated and down trodden.

Baby keeps waking through the night

If your baby isn’t sleeping soundly right through the night and seems agitated it could literally be anything but it is usually one of a couple of things. The first thing you should try is changing the babies clothes. They may be itchy or they may be to hot or cold. The baby could be hungry. If you are on the brink of moving to the next feed level then you should increase it and see if the agitation stops.

You know your baby better than anyone else so do what feels right and as always if you need help, you should not hesitate to seek professional advise.