Lots of stupid myths about getting pregnant!

Us humans are weird at times. We stroll around the planet thinking we own the place making up ridiculous links between happenings. Below are some weird pregnancy myths that people actually believe about having a baby.

  1. Different sex positions make it easier to get pregnant.
  2. You can’t get pregnant while you are on your period.
  3. You can get pregnant during oral sex….Bit of a long shot.
  4. You can’t get pregnant if he whips it out fast enough. I wonder which sex came up with this rumour?!
  5. The women needs to orgasm to get pregnant.
  6. You can choose a boy or girl by doing certain things.
  7. You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex. Again, I wonder which sex came up with this one.
  8. You can use clingfilm as a substitute to condoms. I have no idea why you would want to try this.
  9. Its easier to get pregnant during the day.
  10. You need to have sex three times a day to get pregnant.
  11. Eating bananas makes men more fertile.
  12. Cooling your mans bits with ice cubes leads to better fertility, and its fun too.
  13. STD’s dont effect your chances of getting pregnant.
  14. You can only get pregnant at certain times of the month.
  15. Morning sickness is worse if its a girl.
  16. Getting pregnant the easy way.
  17. Hairy babies cause heartburn when pregnant.
  18. Dont touch animals whilst pregnant, especially cats.
  19. Curry will trigger labour, avoid it…In fact just to be safe you should avoid spicy food entirely while pregnant.
  20. Avoid bumpy roads, you may suddenly burst into contractions.
  21. Keep your arms down when pregnant, if you lift them too high your baby will get strangled by the chord.
  22. Eating kebabs will lead to ugly babies.
  23. Pregnant women should never, ever have a bath!
  24. Different shaped bellies mean different sex baby.
  25. If your legs get chunky you are having a boy…Or you are doing too many squats.
  26. If you are a clumsy oaf then you are having a baby boy.
  27. If your right breast is bigger than your left then you are having a boy.
  28. If you have cold feet then you are having a boy.
  29. If your nose is getting bigger then you are having a baby boy.
  30. If theres a storm a brewing then get your overnight bag ready because you are about to go into labour.
  31. If your partner puts weight on then you are having a girl.
  32. Do not under any circumstances go swimming whilst pregnant, the poor baby will drown.
  33. Hairy legs whilst pregnant means you are about to have a boy…….And hopefully a shave.
  34. You should never have sex during pregnancy, you could harm the baby.
  35. Sex during pregnancy could lead to poking the babies eyes out.
  36. Sleeping on your back could harm the unborn baby.
  37. Sitting down to fast can break the babies kneck.
  38. If you eat to much when pregnant you will give birth to a fat baby.
  39. If you eat a lot of curry your baby will have red hair.
  40. You can use spoons and forks to get a boy or a girl. Just sit on them.
  41. Drinking too much coffee while pregnant will give your baby a birth mark….Possibly on their cheek.
  42. If you have a round facde then you are having a girl.
  43. If you eat pickles while pregnant your baby will have a lisp.
  44. If you crave salty food then you are having a boy.
  45. You cant get pregnant while standing up.
  46. If you get your hair cut while pregnant your baby will by blind.
  47. Cocoa butter stops stretch marks.
  48. A full moon can bring on labour.
  49. Sex brings on labour.
  50. Stretch marks can be eliminated with creams and magic potions.
  51. Your first baby will be late.
  52. If your mum had it easy then so will you.
  53. Pregnant women crave pickle flavoured ice cream.
  54. Dont eat fish if you are pregnant.
  55. Babies heart rate will tell you the sex of your baby.
  56. Pregnant women must eat twice as much as usual.
  57. Pregnant women shouldnt dye their hair.
  58. Pregnant women should sit around all day, every day, doing nothing.
  59. A growing teenager will not have enough body resources to build a baby.

OK some of them may be true but a lot of them just seem to ridiculous for people to even believe!