Best 5 car seats for new borns

Choosing your car seat is both important and difficult. On the one hand your baby needs to be safe but on the other hand, everybody has a budget. How do you choose your car seat and what are all these groups about?

Car seat groups and weights

What makes car seat shopping even more confusing is that they are split into groups. What are these car seat groups? See the table below.




Approximate Age of Child


Birth to 13 kg (29 lb)

Birth to 12 months


Birth to 18 kg (40 lb)

Birth to around 4 years


9 kg to 18 kg (20-40 lb)

9 months to around 4 years


9 kg to 36 kg (20-79 lb)

9 months to around 12 years


15 kg to 36 kg (33-79 lb)

4 years to 12 years

For more info about choosing your car seat you could check out the Which guide.

As a new born you will be looking at group 0 car seats but a lot of them stretch across a couple different groups. There are lots of car seats on the market so which one do you choose? Well below we have chosen ten of the best new born car seats currently available. These were chosen because of their popularity, usability, size and price.

Fisherprice safe voyage

Group 0/1, up to 18kg

The safe voyage car seat from fisherprice can be converted from rear to front facing. It has a removable, washable cover and has deep sides for impact protection. The seat itself can be reclined without having to remove from the vehicle.


  • Great value for money
  • Very stylish
  • Well made and very sturdy
  • Very comfy by the looks of it, kids sleep for hours in it!


  • Rubbish packaging
  • Fiddly to recline and use in general


Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Car Seat

Group 0+, up to 13kg

Maxi-cosi is perhaps one of the better known car seat manufacturers. The cabriofix car seat is a compact unit that fits perfectly onto the maxi-cosi base unit. You can use the unit on its own but this setup allows you to carry around a much smaller car seat than other brands and still maintain the same safety and protection. The cabriofix car seat is available in lots of colours and patterns.


  • Incredibly easy integration with other maxi-cosi stuff
  • Very comfy
  • Easy to fit
  • Compact
  • Integral sun shade


  • Not great for babies with reflux
  • non removable cover
  • Chest adjustment button very hard to push in


Graco Logico S HP

Group 0+, up to 13kg

Graco is another huge manufacturer of baby products. The logico S HP is a reclining car seat with a 2 position canopy and 3 position harness. it is lightweight and small in construction and has a five point harness to hold baby safely in position. it has a recliner indicator and side impact protection.


  • Five point harness
  • Easy to install
  • Great value
  • Fabric is really easy to clean
  • Very deep seated


  •  Padding for newborns is quite flimsy
  • Black plastic gets hot in the sun
  • Big and heavy to carry around


Graco Junior Baby

Group 0+, up to 13kg

The Graco range of car seats is phenomenal! This is a budget car seat that offers some great benefits. If you already have a graco push chair and a base then this unit will slot onto either of them with ease. It has side impact protection and a three point harness. The canopy is adjustable and the cover is machine washable.


  • Very sturdy and comfortable
  • Great value for money


  • Not really suitable for extremely small babies unless you grab yourself another insert



Maxi-Cosi Pebble

Group 0+, up to 13kg

The pebble is one of maxi-cosi’s best selling car seats. It comes in a number of different colours and when used with the maxi cosi base offers a very easy to use product. A major feature of the pebble is the harness which is one of the easiest to install on the market. The pebble includes a support pillow and headhugger for younger babies.


  • Great inbuilt sunshade
  • Looks stylish
  • Purposely designed for newborn, comfy and snug
  • Good value for money
  • Very easy to install


  •  Quite heavy



Even though we have listed these here, don’t take our word for it. Get out there and have a play with them. Another important point to note is that not all car seats will fit in all cars, its important to check with measurements. We would also suggest that you try and actually install the car seat in your vehicle before you buy, this sounds ridiculous but a lot of stores will let you do this.