The Best Buggy Boards

What are buggy boards? They are an attachment that you can add to your buggy that allows you to ferry two kids around. The younger one sits in the buggy and the older one can stand on the board instead of walking. Heres one in action:

maxi board

Does this do any damage to your buggy or stroller?

No, not if installed correctly they shouldnt cause any damage to your buggy. They simply clip to your buggy, you dont need to make any permanent alterations to the buggy itself.

Will the buggy board make my pram harder to push?

In a word, yes! The buggy will be heavier, especially with another child stood on it so why bother? Simply because pushing a heavier buggy is far better than having a tired child whining about how their feet hurt, and its to hard to walk etc etc.

Where can I get one?

Amazon have loads of them, do a search!

Which are the best buggy boards?

There are loads to choose from but below are three of the best with a little info about each.

Lascal Buggyboard Maxi

lascal buggy board

Lascal create their boards in a few different colours with a few different options but they are all really well made products. Sturdy and easy to install make this a great option no matter which stroller you have. It attaches to the upright tubing on your pram via a couple of clips. You should be made aware that they wont fit every buggy but there is a complete list of them on the manufacturers website.

The lascal buggy board comes with this kit for installation:

buggy board installation kit

The lascar buggy board is pretty universal and fits most buggies but if you prefer to do a quick check, the manufacturer has set up a great resource that lists the compatible buggies, you can find it here:

Buggboard info


Baby Jogger Glider Board

baby jogger glider board

Click here to see a lot of reviews.

The baby jogger clips onto the axle of your buggy and has a nice anti-slip surface for the child to stand on. Well made and reasonably cheap makes the baby jogger a great buy. Another fantastic feature is that it just folds away when its not in use. Its superb.



Babystyle Ride On Board


The oyster is a great addition to your pushchair and it simply unclips and can be put away when not in use. The oyster looks a little slicker than the others but feels slightly less sturdy and seems to be a little less easy to stand on.

Some mums say that their buggy board is the best purchase they ever made.