really struggling to potty train!

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My son is nearly three now and no matter what we try to do he won't use the potty. He knows that he needs to and he knows when he is doing a number two but no matter what we do he doesnt seem to want to do it in the potty. How can I get him to use the potty?

We have tried treats, sitting him there for hours etc.


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Most kids can control their bowels before their bladder. Does he manage to wee on the potty?

I think he can control it, he just doesnt want to go on the potty. We tried treats, charts and alsorts but he seems to just hold it in and hold it in and then just let it go in his pull up. Its so frustrating.

Its worth remembering that all kids are different and you cant force them to use a potty. Try to stay calm and dont make a big deal out of it. It may be that the pressure of trying to do this new thing is what is scaring him from using the potty. Or he just might not be ready to use it just yet.

Either way, heres a few tips:

1. Let him see you using the toilet and leave the potty lying around where he can see it.

2. If he needs the toilet at the same time every day then make a note of it and make sure the potty is to hand at that time.

3. Be sure to priase him a lot when he finally uses the potty.

Remember if there are any accidents try not to show your dissapointment.

its hard not to show sometimes, but keep your chin up!

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