Pregnant women are divided into those who are afraid of everything from the first day, as soon as they find out about their interesting situation, and those who are ready to do crazy things to the last. The lifestyle of a woman during pregnancy should not be limited by prohibitions and taboos, in the state of pregnancy you should feel the joy and happiness of future motherhood, then the course of pregnancy will be favorable. Sports, walking, dancing, whatever makes you happy, but don't overdo it. One of the ways to have fun is visiting online casino. After all, it is there that you can try your luck, in case of winning, cheer yourself up!

Pregnancy is not a disease

This is a special state of the body, waiting for the miracle of the birth of a new life, but in no way a reason to lie on the couch all day in fear of harming the unborn baby with excessive body movements. It is worth understanding what happens in a woman’s body when she finds herself in an “interesting position”.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods in a woman's life. It is absolutely not worth depriving yourself of vivid impressions, and your body - proper activity, because sports during pregnancy is a guarantee of the health of both the mother and the unborn child. But it is worth remembering that everything is good in moderation, and common sense should never leave the expectant mother and her environment, especially in matters relating to health.

Almost every pregnant woman often hears the phrase that she should take care of herself, avoid stress and, in general, wear her body like the thinnest crystal vase. However, is this approach correct, or is an active lifestyle of pregnancy not a hindrance?

Common Mistake

Many mistakenly equate pregnancy with illness, when you need to lie more, eat well and eat a lot and avoid any possible stress.

Physical activity during pregnancy is essential. After all, all nine months is not only the growth and development of the baby in the womb, but also preparation for childbirth, which in itself is hard physical work.

Why is physical activity beneficial?

Daily exercise improves the female body's endurance, flexibility, elasticity and muscle strength, which is necessary for a successful birth. In addition, motor activity during pregnancy is a good prevention of its complications: circulatory disorders in the lower extremities, edema, shortness of breath and even depression.

How does physical activity affect a child?

During the movement, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the mother's body are trained, which means that more oxygenated blood flows through the placenta and the baby. Studies have shown that physically active mothers are less likely to experience toxicosis, fetal growth retardation, and complications during childbirth.

Good blood supply to the fetus throughout pregnancy will make it easier for the baby to endure the difficult process of childbirth and quickly adapt to a new environment for him.

How will physical activity during pregnancy affect childbirth?

Sufficient preparation of the muscles of the small pelvis, abdominals and the ability to breathe properly will help make labor as effective as possible. Complications during childbirth, as a rule, are caused by the fact that the woman did not prepare her muscles throughout the pregnancy. After all, it is impossible to prepare for childbirth in any other way. In addition, special exercises that improve the elasticity of the muscles of the perineum will help to avoid serious injuries during childbirth.

The lifestyle of a pregnant woman should not be limited to bed rest, a complete lack of physical activity, but working conditions should be facilitated, nutrition should be more complete, and not limit yourself to walking.

The mental state of women during this period also has a great influence on the course of pregnancy, it is advisable to be more calm about stressful situations, worry less about trifles, think more about the unborn child, and not about relatives and family problems, as they say ""let everything take its course"", but at the same time, do not dissolve yourself and plan things without taking on a “tangle” of problems.


Pregnancy is not a disease, but the happiest time in the life of every girl, during which she prepares for her new role in life - the role of a future mother. And the task of every woman is to make this period not only prosperous, but also painted with gentle colors of calmness and peace.